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Know Your Gem - Amethyst

By: :Ruchi Bhimanpally 0 comments
Know Your Gem - Amethyst


What is an Amethyst? 

A timeless gem in the quartz family, cherished for centuries. Its deep purple hue exudes serenity. More than just a stone, amethyst is said to offer spiritual healing, clarity, and cosmic energy to those who wear it. A gem steeped in history and mystique! 

What birth month is Amethyst?

Did you know? Amethyst is February's birthstone, making it the perfect gift for those born this month. It's also linked to Pisces and Aquarius, sharing Uranus as a ruling planet. So whether you're a fish or a water bearer, amethyst is your stellar companion! 

What makes Amethyst purple?

Curious about the magic behind Amethyst's purple charm? Let's break it down! Amethyst, a variety of quartz, flaunts shades from soft lilac to rich royal purple, thanks to trace amounts of iron in its crystal structure. The iron content dictates the depth and intensity of the purple, ranging from brownish hues to vivid purples. It's this mix of iron and quartz that creates the mesmerizing spectrum of amethyst colors. Nature's chemistry at its most enchanting! 

What are the healing properties of Amethyst?

This gemstone isn't just pretty; it's a holistic healer. Physically, it boosts the immune system, eases tension, headaches, and promotes restful sleep. Mentally, it clears worries, fosters clear thinking, and taps into inner wisdom. Spiritually, it opens the crown chakra, linking you to higher energy. Your all-in-one gem for body, mind, and soul!

What energy does Amethyst have?

Amethyst has highly calming energy. This gem knows the art of balance, soothing your spirit and bringing you back to your center. If tension, insomnia, or anxiety troubles you, amethyst is the unique healing gem that offers sweet relief. 


Does Amethyst help with anxiety?

Amethyst, your anxiety antidote! This stunning stone clears the mind, banishing toxic thoughts and keeping you calm and focused. It's a ticket to the present moment, soothing tension, and headaches while promoting solid sleep. Say goodbye to anxiety's grip with amethyst by your side! 

Can I wear it everyday? 

As this stone is soaked in serenity, This gem brings calming vibes 24/7, a steady companion in life's chaos. Stay cool, connected, and wise as you navigate each day with amethyst, a gem that's got your back. 

How durable is Amethyst?

Amethyst is tough stuff! With a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, it's closer to a diamond than softer stones like Calcite. So go ahead, wear your amethyst worry-free! No stress about chipping or cracking this durable gem during your daily hustle. Shine on with confidence! 

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